My name is Sandra, I am a dreamer and I am stubborn enough to make dreams come true.

I grew up in a beautiful Italian town on the seaside, nourished by stunning sunsets, the smell of the sea, long standing friendships and the scents of my mum and dad delicacies. Till I started university in Milan, where I found a great job (I worked for 10 years as a Marketing Manager in a multinational company), new good friends and the true love of my life, my husband.


And with weddings as an expression of it.

How not being passionate about weddings and wedding invitations? It is all about love, emotions, tears of joy, flowers, hearts and sparkle. It is all about one of the happiest day of someone life!

I didn’t know this was my mission in life till I had to organize my own wedding. We wanted something really connected to us as a couple, something that could really touch the hearts of our guests, excite them and talk about our love besides our wedding theme.

I couldn’t find anything! That’s why I made our wedding invitations and all the on-the-day stationary by myself and I felt completely in love with them. The best part started when all our guests thought we had paid a famous wedding planner to do all of that. And a few weeks later they started asking the details of this planner as they wanted to hire her for their own wedding.

That’s when I started thinking that creating personalised wedding invitations and wedding stationary could really be not just a passion but my job.

My mission is to put all my passion for love, my creativity and my experience to make your dream wedding stationary become true and create something stunning and unique that nobody could ever forget!

Now close your eyes, start dreaming and get in touch.